November 9, 2009

Jumeirah Bab al Shams

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When my husband told be that he wants to sleep in desert, I imagined something like a tent.


It was really not true.

It was a luxurious hotel standing in the middle of the hotel, just like a mirage.

Well, since I had car sick in the taxi which took 1 hour from Dubai City, it really looked like a mirage when I arrived..


As soon as we arrived, we were escorted to the reception. Interior was of  course, typical arabian design.

They gave us a “Date” as a small welcome gift,  a popular dry fruits in Arabia.


Room was quite spacy.  This is totally new tipe of hotel for me because,


We have direct access to desert from our room:)


In stead of balcony, you get a couch on a stone.


Couch in the room is also Arabian style, equipped in the corner of the room.

Fruits were prepared as a welcome amenity.


Coffee set. One bottle of water for each were complimentary.


Bathroom was even more exotic.


This brown stone reminds us of old Arabian house..


but yet, luxurious.


You can light up a candle while bathing. Bath salt was also complimentary.


In the room, you see a sign on the ceiling showing the direction of Mekkah. This was very new to me.

The room was little bit dark but this doesn’t matter. There are plenty of activities to do in this hotel!


I’ve never been in desert in my life.  Take one step from swimming pool and you are already at desert.

Gee, I have to take advantage of it!


by riding  a camel:)


Friendly local guide helped us to get on a camel.

This “quick experience” is free of charge. You can get 3 hours camel ride as an optional.


This is the day I really felt that earth is round.


After breathtaking sunset, full moon was already there behind us.

It was very fantastic and mysterious picture.


The hotel is illuminated very romantic in the night.

I felt like I’m in an ancient Arabian city.


Having a good night dream in a touch of nostalgia, the next morning is bright, desert-sunshine!

Our day has started from huge breakfast buffet in terrace, where you can order fresh omlets and pancakes as well.


and then we pamper ourselves whole day in this gorgeous swimming pool!


There were two types of pool, one is warm water and the other one is as cold as Zurich lake:)

Well, in the heat of desert, cold water was just perfect.


This is a cold swimming pool.

Odie, a water-man, dived and sunk in this pool and moving (swimming) around like an animal.

He was exactly like a killer-whale! Not as cute as dolphin, not as slow as whale, he was just like a killer-whale!!

I rode on the back of killer-whale and we played. It was lots of  fun.


From the poolside bar, you can get varieties of food. We needed something small.

This Hommos assorment was just good portion and delicious. We love this Arabian appetizer.

Fresh juices from bar is also something you cannot miss.


Try a bar IN a swimming pool. Beer should taste even more special:)


Another day is slowly over.


A photo in a warm-pool after sunset. Again, full moon is shining above.


I’ve never seen sky colour like this before.


There is another best point to see beautiful sunset in this hotel.

“Loof Top Lounge”.  This is a cozy Arabian designed lounge where plays live music whole night.

Odie enjoyed Shisha here.

The variety of restaurants in this hotel never make you bored. Not to mention Arabic restaurant, there are wide range of  foods such as Indian, Italian and world fusion.

But what you absolutely have to try out is a restaurant “Al Hadheerah”. Detail will be followed in my restaurant blog.

I have experienced many 5 star hotels but this one was totally new experience.

Since the hotel standing in the middle of nowhere,  the time has completely cut off from the real world and you can forget everything bothers you in life.  Once you are here,  all you need to do is relax and enjoy.


For those, who likes to being active, you can try out some optional tours which hotel is offering. You can go for Safari Tour in jeep, horse back riding, camel ride and so on. If we stayed in this hotel for another night, we might tried them out.


We enjoyed swimming pool until the last minutes before checking out.


falcon saw us off:)

The time I had in a “mirage” will stay in my memory forever. It was really an unforgettable experience.

Bab Al Shams

PO Box 8168, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 8096100 Fax: +971 4 8326698

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Although the hotel is wonderful, you cannot change it’s super dry desert climate. You can feel your skin is drying up.

Börlind LL Regeneration Moisturizing Cream Mask

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November 6, 2009

Grand Hyatt Dubai

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In Dubai, there are hundreds of luxurious hotel. The reason why we have chosen this hotel is that Hyatt a comapny which I have previously worked for, plus my ex colleague from there is now working in Grand Hyatt Dubai.


But this hotel has lots of good advantages to be chosen besides my personal reason.


Our arrival at the airport was late. We were so tired and wanted to crash into bed as soon as possible. Hotel is locating only 10 minutes away from the airport by taxi. Not to mention, bell staff took care of our luggages soon after our taxe slide into the entrance.


We were escorted to our room.


The room was quite huge for a standard room and has plenty of space to open up two suitcases.

I also loved this king size bed.  Because of the quality of mattress, you won’t be disturbed by your partner during the night:) The mattress stays flat.


The bathroom was also huge. Bathtub and shower booth are saperated.


I could completely straighten my legs in this bathtub.


The shower booth is standing right next to the bathtub so that you don’t have to cross the bathroom.




I also really like that toilette is separated with a door. This makes my stay much more comfortable.


What made our stay additionally comfortable was free internet connection. This is always very important for us!


Otherwise we cannot fully enjoy this great facility. We always need to check our email and finish our works done. Then we are allowed to relax and indulge ourselves to real holiday.


It’s really great that the swimming pool is opening from 8 o’clock in the morning. The other hotel was from 9 o’clock. One of the best hotel in Athen was even 10. Very lazy. Hyatt is different.


This pool side bar was also beautiful.


Of course, hotel equipped with fitness center, indoor pool and sauna as well. I liked to stop by at sauna after enjoying outside pool. I can refresh myself with jacuzzi and shower in SPA.  Hotel guests have free access to SPA.


Hyatt has some categories and the concept of  “Grand Hyatt” is “Dynamic” “Gorgeous” and “Exciting”. Grand Hyatt Dubai is truly a dynamic hotel. Check out this lobby.


It’s ceiling is representing a bottom of ships which reminds you of old ages in Arabia.


So this forest in the lobby is actually an “undersea world”.  Hmmm feel like being a mermaid?:)


This shining chandelier are all swarovski!!

Just like the concept of  “Grand” it IS really gorgeous!


Varieties of restaurant is also something you need. This bakery “Panini” has very nice slections of pastries and delicious sandwitches. Once I grab some breads to pool side for quick breakfast. That was nice.


Sushi resutaraunt is also popular among Japanese living in Dubai. Japanese cook from Grand Hyatt Tokyo is making sushi. Check out aquarium hanging from the ceiling:)


The hotel has total 14 dining facilities including steak house, Italian, Asian and Arabian.

It was pity that I forgot to take photo of breakfast. It was huge, delicious buffet. I really loved egg benedict there.  Variety of fresh juices were also impressive.

Since our returing flight departed on mid-night, we hang out in the lobby and ordered club sandwitch.  Again, it was very convenient that the hotel locating close to the airport.


We changed our summer clothes to winter’s and went back to Switzerland. Bye bye Hyatt.

Grand Hyatt Dubai

P.O. Box 7978,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 317 1234    Fax: +971 4 317 1235

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The only problem of this hotel was too strong air conditioner in room. I always needed hot bath.


Greenland scrub salt mint-lavender

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October 21, 2009

Hotel Zürichberg

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As written in my other blog, we stayed in Hotel Zürichberg by Caro’s wedding.


This photo has been taken on the other date. Although the weather on the day we stayed was cloudy, we had a nice stay.


I was expecing more classical European room, but the room we stayed was the one in newly renovated building. It was quite modern.


Flat screen TV, welcome amenity for wedding guests.


I like this green couch.


Unfortunately, it was too cold to enjoy the view from balcony. It would have been nice if we stayed in summer.


You can see Zurich Lake from the room.<br><br>


Bathroom was also quite spacy.  It was especially important for me to have plenty of space in bathroom in order to get myseld ready for the party:)


Bath amenities were Bvlgari.


Closet is standing next to the bed.


yes, this is what I needed!  Room shoes are always important for me!


If you are planning a banquet, beautiful venue with the view is available.


Or coffee or lunch in teracce, when the sun is shining.

The hotel has gorgeous breakfast buffet but unfortunately we missed it. Don’t miss this breakfast where the chef cook egg menu in front of you.


For special occation or relaxing weekend in Zurich, here Hotel Zürcherberg offers you a lot.

Sorell Hotel Zürichberg

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In a cozy bathroom..


Where rubber duck wating..


Weleda’s Bath Milk Serie.


Enjoy different aroma morning and evening!

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October 8, 2009

Hotel Mirabeau Zermatt

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Among Swiss people, Zermatt is known as a ski resort.  Up to now, I also thought that the village is super toursistic place in summer.  Yes, that’s probably true but I have experienced very nice mountain resort at this hotel..


Hotel Mirabeau. Locating other side from main street, yet only 5 minutes from the station.


Unlike other hotels on the main street, you can enjoy quiet, private stay.


The rooms we have been provided were very spacy. I loved this fur on the chair.


One room has a see-through bathtub. Perfect for couple for romantic stay.


But of course, private bath type is also available in same room category.  Bathtub is big enough.


Enough space for all your cosmetics and things around the sink as well. Hair dryer is also equipped.


Huge comfortable king size bed. Mattress is actually seperated into two in the middle.


I especially loved the balcony.


It was Matterhorn View!!


If I had enough time, I would have sit here for a while and sunk myself  into this beautiful mountain atmosphere.


From the other side of the balcony, we could see a main building of the hotel.


Yuppi!! Photographed from my friends who stayed in the room next to us.


This is realy luxury. You can just enjoy sun in the terrace with procecco or something. Unfortunately, our schedule was tight. We had to go for hiking. I didn’t mind staying here for a while.. Hopefully next time.


Or slepping in this huge “bed couch wirh roof”. My friend and I back from hiking. Sun has almost set. Pity.

But hotel has swimming pool and sauna. No photo but it was really relaxing. Swimming pool was quite huge.

The hotel has WIFI and also a public computer for free. That was very comfortable.


A view from balcony in the morning.  Almost sunrise.. What a romantic and mysterious color.


Breakfast was served in the main restaurant on the lobby floor. This restaurant must be super romantic one for dinner as well.


It was very cozy atmosphere even for breakfast.  These tomatoes were extremely delicuous.


Variety of cereals. Cute bowls.


We had another beautiful day.  It was too cold to eat outside, but this floor-to-ceiling window was comfortable enough.


We fed ourselves enough from early morning:)

Mirabeau is 4 star hotel. I didn’t expect such a luxurious comfortable stay. But they actually had everything which we needed.

Additionally, Zermatt is also worth visiting in summer for both relaxing or exciting mountain resort.  You can go hiking, biking and back in the hotel pampering wellness.

Mirabeau is definitely the one I want to return for the next visit.

Mirabeau Hotel & Residence

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September 10, 2009

Hotel Orphee Regensburg

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Regensburg, a traditional old town locates 1 hours by can from Munich.


We attended wedding party in this nice small town last week.


The hotel we have chosen was one of the recommendation from a bride.

Hotel Orphee, locating in the old town on the pedestrian street. There is a choice of  “Petit Hotel” and “Grand Hotel” for this hotel.

The one we stayed was “Grand Hotel”

When you arrive by car, you can drop off your luggages at the hotel and then park your car at the place advised by reception.


The reception was a typical that of 3 to 4 star hotels in Germany. Simple wooden counter, you always have to drop off your huge room key whenever you leave. This is not 24 hours service.


But I’ve realize that decoration of the interior is not typical, actually quite special.

I can already feel the sense of art at the elevator hall.


I was right.  Upon I entered a room, it was quite surprising.

Our room is on the top floor, which is a loft.  Spacey room with high ceiling is already quite special but it’s interior made a room even more unique and original.

First of all, look at how the bed has been prepared. The cushion was always set in this shape.

A same shape like a lamp on side bed.


Furniture have slightly of oriental taste.


Bathroom is more classic, a bit melancholy taste.


Although it’s uncommon environment, the room was practical. I specially appreciated it’s huge space since I needed to dress myself up for the wedding party.


Breakfast was included. It was quite a typical European continental breakfast.

Cold ham and cheese, little bit of Yogurt and Muesli.


I usually prefer American breakfast but for us, continental was perfect for this occasion.  Huge meal was awaiting for us in the party.


If you want to experience special stay in this traditional old town, Hotel Orphee is something to consider.

Hotel Orphee Regensburg

Untere Bachgasse 8
93047 Regensburg, Germany
+49 941 59602-0

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Martina Evening Primrose Facial Oil 30 Capsules

Why not having a massage by simple seeds oil in classic bathroom?

You can view an old church from window in bathroom, while giving yourself a facial massage!

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August 21, 2009

Belvedere Grindelwald

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Grindelwald- one of the major resort in Switzerland where if becomes full of hiker in summer and skier in winter.


After enjoying beautiful panorama view of Belner Oberland and some hiking, I reach to this hotel to relax.


Upon my arrival, cold, fresh Champainge was waiting for me as a welcome drink. How can I resist.


After being exhausted from long day in mountain, I was completely thirsty. Enjoying a glass of Champaigne at the lobby terrace with this fabulous veiw, what can I ask more.


Stylish outdoor couches encourages the atmosphere of mountain resort.


A room was also comfortably equipped.


World fomous mountain Eiger is all yours. I felt as I’m being hold by alps.


Coffee Set.


A gift from hotel. Special fruits amenity.


I love when house shoes are provided.


Bathroom is also spacy. Two sinks and one huge bath tub.

Room is so comfortable and this made me even difficult choice. Shall I stay in my room and crash into bed for a while…?


Or shall I enjoy this spetacular view from my private balcony with pretty flower?


Or shall I pamper myself  in this outdoor jacuzzi?  Why not!!

There is a indoor swimming pool, indoor hot tub and outdoor strong jacuzzi.


In stead of  lying down on a deck outside, I’ve chose to lay myself down in a massage room. I took full body oil massage. Therapist was so freindly. She offered me some several different oils. Oils were from Primavera, an organic cosmetic.


Dinner was special just for this time. Belvedere has invited Japanese cook from Grand Hyatt Tokyo. During this time, you can enjoy authentic Japanese food by Japanse cook.


I’ve never had such a delicious Japanese food in Switzerland up to now.




Onigiri. Very delicate. Thanks for the owner who arranged this special event. He is quite familiar to Japanese culture, therefore, hotels always offer some rice and miso soup even in breakfast buttet.<br><br>

After being fully satisfied by great Japanese dinner, I had to step into the bar where live piano plays.  I sat down next to this kind piano player who plays some musich I’ve requested. A bartender was also surprised that I speak German and we chat a little bit.


It was pity that I had to leave early in the morning next day.  Not only a good facility but this family like atmosphere made me fully relaxed.


Well, the Wellness in this hotel are handling Primavera.


Primavera Life Nourishing Face Massage Oil

So after having full body massage with the oil of Primavera, back to room and enjoy your own face massage also by Primavera!

You can get it HERE.

On the balcony by breathing fresh mountain air would be wonderful!

August 13, 2009

Oscar Madrid

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Modern W type hotel locating in the buzzuling center of Mardid!


There it is.. Proudly illuminating in the middle of the night.


I really surprised as I entered the lobby. Ths colour combination remind me of W Hotels or Andaz London.

As I said,  “wow, just like W Hotels”, one spanish guy approached me and said “Thank you. oh,, i actually workind here”. He was no longer in uniform but being casual and friendly to guests. This is openess is quite spanish.

It was pity that we were not able to check it’s famous party on the roof garden.  This man told us that we should absolutely come over, but this party held only on Friday.


Our bedroom. There is only a small difference between modern designed…


and the taste of love hotel..


Bathroom is half  transparent.  From my bed, I could see my husband showering right behind me:)


Sink was equipped right next to the entrance door, not in the wet area.

This was quite inconvenient for me.  I couldn’t shut the door down of bathroom and do my own things.


The room was not practical. 2 star I say.

But the atmosphere was very erotic.  5 star.


Although the guest room is erotic, fresh, energish breakfast was served next morning.


Lots of fruits, fresh juice..


cereals, tempting pastries..


Croissans,, I think the favorite breakfast of locals.


and some specialities of country.  I love this tortilla and gaspaccio!

Our sleeping room was quite loud in the night and I was little bit tired this morning.

But this power breakfast brow out everything and charged me completely for a long day.

Hotel Oscar Mardid

Plaza Vázquez De Mella 12
28004 Madrid, Spain
+34 917 011 173

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Wear a light on your lip! Shinny and wet looking lip increase sexy feeling in this “modern designed” hotel:)

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Hotel NH Victoria Granada

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Granada is a historical city in South Spain, Andalucia. Althouth I didn’ have enough time to check this city out, the hotel we have stayed was very nice.


Hotel NH Victoria.  NH Hotels is a hotel chain and this is the one in Granada. Classic european style hotel, locating in the center of the city. Just 10 minutes walk to Alhambra.

Flat screen TV is in the room.


Clean, spacy bathroom.


Very comfortably equipped.

View from the room.

Very near from one of the main plaza in Granada at the end of Puerta Real.


The view of Puerta Real in the morning. Actually it was not loud during the night.

Cream coloured marble stoned floor in the lobby is light.  Warm comfortable colour match very well with wooden front desk.


Simple yet comfortable couch.

Breakfast was awesome.

Variety of hams and cheeses with some original spanish taste.
Variety of tropical fruits reminds me that we ARE in south europe! Very colourful and tempting.
Toast corner.
Some cereals for small hunger.

Short stay was pity but this hotel made it comfortable. Especially a friendly staff at the reception who organized a tour to Alhambra in very last minutes.

NH Victoria Hotel Granada

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Face/body oil made from Sanddorn which contains full Vitamin C and E. Perfect for skin care after being explosed to the strong sun whole day.


Beautiful orange.

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November 10, 2008

W Times Square New York

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First of all, I have to say that W at Times square is not a 5 star hotel! I stayed there twice and now conviced that it is definetely not a “5”.


It was a Helloween night when we first arrived. We’ve chosen this hotel becuase we wanted to experience something modern and original, like real New York style hotel in the best location. When we arrived by taxi, the bell man was dressed like a dark spider man and I was very scared. But it was fun. I expected nice stay.


The water running above the entrance hall reflects the light and beautiful.

USA 2008

We have entered the room and say a nice bed, “a starwood bed”. Very comfortable soft linen bed. But the room itseld was quite small. I understood, ok, it’s time square, I cannot expect huge room for standard room.

But then, my husband was looking for a remote control for TV which he could never find. He had to call to the receptionist and ask for the remote control.

USA 2008

The bathroom was quite spacy but I didn’t like how the towels are piled up.

USA 2008

and it was only shower! No bathtub! I thought I don’t need to request for a bathtub if you pay so much. But obviously, W has only 2 standard rooms equipped with bathtub.

Additionally, the rain shower is available but the water was not hot enough. The water from sink was hot enought but not from shower. I was really looking forward to the hot bath so it was double dissapointing.

When I went back to the bed room, a technical staff was working with TV. Not only the remote control was missing but TV was actually out of order. They said the room was just rennovated and not yet functioning well. They offered us free movie but who watch movie during one night stay in New Yor?

USA 2008

So what we needed was relaxing time between long flight until next meeting with friends. But it ended up with unsatisfying exprience. Since we already had a reservation for next week, we decided to complain at the reception in order to avoid same happening again.

This reception, I already had the ipression from the beginning that they are being manually friendly. As soon as we complained the situation, he freak out and asked for the manager. Who confirm as free internet access for our both stay.

We accepted their offer but there was no “turn down” service on this night.

W has trendy bar though. It was full especially Helloween night. We had quick drink after dinner, which was 2 beer and 1 water. We didn’t sign anything but on the next day, we have been charged for about USD60.00!! Upon our departure, we asked to the detail of this bill, which we haven’t receive any reply yet.

We returned again on next week. This time TV worked and I was able to enjoy hot shower. We also had “turn down service” for each nights.(but why we didn’t get this service on first night??) After staying for 2 nights, again we received a bill,, charging all our internet access!!! I really can’t believe how unorganize they are! The front desk manager confirmed us for free internet access but such an information was not in our record! Normally, even in 4 star hotel, you will share the information carefully especially once you received a complain. W cannot offer such a basic service!! As a result, we had to wait for a long time until they deduct the charges from our credit card. By the way, the mineral water in room was USD8.00. Since it was not in a bar, it looks like complimentary but actually it isn’t!

US from Iphone

Three elevators running to the high floor. You need to insert your room key to access to each floors.

I just realized that I took such a less photo of this hotel because I was too unhappy with the situation.


Amenities were not bad. “bliss”, products sold in Sephora. This modern touched design matches to the hotel well.

Halloween NYC 2008

A view from the hotel makes you feel that you are really in the center of Manhattan.

If I paid less, then I could accept whole issue. It is America, we are in New York, so it’s just like that. I am unsatisfied because the price just doesn’t meet it’s quality!!
We are still waiting for the reply from the person in accouting office regarding the bill for the bar..

September 1, 2008

Montreux Palace

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Montrex is one of the popular resorts in Switzerland. There are many high standard hotels and difficult to find budget hotel.

Gruyères und Montreux

and especially this one is the most famous hotel represents the city.

Gruyères und Montreux

Fairmong Palace Hotel Montreux. Overviewing the lake, the hotel is standing proudly along the lake coast.

Gruyères und Montreux

Once you enter the lobby, you will see red carpetted stairs up to the reception. Typical for traditional hotel, the design is classical.

Gruyères und Montreux

Reception. Unlike those American big chain hotels, the reception is small.
Gruyères und Montreux

We were led to our room walking through the hall which also functions as a banquet room. The view of the lake is great.

Gruyères und Montreux

But to be honest, our room was quite dissapointing. There must be many rooms which facing to the lake but our room was on the corner without view. I had to go out of the balcony to see a “partical lake.

Gruyères und Montreux

There were 2 sinks practical for 2 geusts.

Gruyères und Montreux


Gruyères und Montreux

Amenities are good. “Miller Harris” from London, famous for it’s nice aroma.

Gruyères und Montreux

I liked this one, towel tightened with a bow.

Gruyères und Montreux

Shame that I couldn’t take photo but complimentary spa was very good. One huge indoor pool, jaguzzi and outside pool were available in the spacy wet areat with full glass window. You can also enjoy naked zone in private sauna in each locker room.

Gruyères und Montreux

Breakfast was nice. Variety of fruits, pasties, cereals.. Freshly squeezed juice were great.

Gruyères und Montreux

I also like to order omlet specially to a chef. Accompanied by bacon and sausages, I ate too much from morning.
Gruyères und Montreux

If I had the room facing to the lake on the beautiful day like this, our stay would be even better. It is a hotel welcomed Michael Jackson and other important people before so must be THE BEST hotel in Montreux. Indeed, the view from the brakfast restaurant was awesome.

Gruyères und Montreux

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